VR Slide for Google Cardboard
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My first Unity project so far. I knew Unity since 2013 but never tried to do anything more serious than follow tutorials and create some prototypes. In the beginning of 2017 I found myself very curious and interested about virtual reality, so I developed this project not only to learn how VR works, but to get some real experience with Unity, mobile gaming and publishing.
The game itself is very, very simple. You just slide through the desert, avoiding obstacles, getting speed ups or trying to do tricks. The gravity will make the player slide across the scenario, which is a big ramp, and it is possible to move sideways while sliding by rotating "neck axis" (don't know the appropriate name). The gameplay was fully developed by me, it's not very polished though.
I feel a little negligence on my part with things like game design and map design, those could be hardly improved with some time and skill (the last is my main problem here lol). Art/Design really isn’t my cup of tea. Anyway, I still want to do some upgrades like introduce multiplayer mode and do even more optimization.

Fernando Piniani
Newbie - Programmer
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Thomas Baggi-Sani
6 months ago
- Programmer
Nice fun VR game ! It needs more speed visual effect though. Add particles in front of camera that simulate, dust floating in the air for example. ;)
Vito Gusmano
9 months ago
Indie Developer - Programmer