VR Nazi Zombies - Nacht Der Untoten Port
This is the beginnings of a Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies game mode port/clone for VR. The first map being ported is Nacht Der Untoten (map 1 in World at War). It is being developed for the HTC Vive but will also work with other SteamVR compatible headsets. *Project developed for personal use only* Once complete, I may decide to replace all textures with my own and construct an original environment. Current Progress: - Build 2: ---- All textures now include their Normal and Specular components ---- Added more mysterybox guns ---- More creepy atmosphere, soft lighting, etc ---- Started AI system. A* pathfind from spawn point to the designated barrier ---- Trump bots have invaded for now. Will update with Zombie characters once pathfinding is complete. It's just more fun this way -Build 1: ---- Getting the map/models into VR ---- Removing all 1000+ duplicate/garbage meshes in the map model ---- Added basic knife and gun controls ---- Simple 3D purchasing interface ---- Started the points system ---- All textures unlit for sake of simplicity
Sam Barnes
Programmer (VR Focused)
jude o cathain
8 months ago
Hey I've been looking for just this and it looks amazing. Have you done anything else with it and may you share the link with me?