VR in Manufacturing
This is part of an ongoing development to allow clients to experience automation systems and review it prior to manufacture.
Our company uses Solidworks. One of our mechanical design engineers exported the files to IGS format. I then used FreeCAD to export the models in OBJ format to use in Blender 2.80 which I then used to clean up the models and reduce polygon count for use with Unity.
This process is very time consuming but necessarily cheap. I am developing this as a personal project without company support at present.
My inital idea was for sales and marketing to use this technology to showcase potential customers our automation solutions rather than broucher's, leaflet's and video's.
However this tech will also allow Design itteraions to be better tested before commiting to a test builds. Using the Quest these can be tested anywhere by the customer without the expense of laser cutting, fabrication and manufacture required at present.
Their isn't any interaction at present this is something I will be working on to implement. I am really excited about the VR hand tracking that was unvieled at OC6 this year.
I think the controllers are possibly a small barrier for people without VR experience to get to grips with (no pun intended) but with hand tracking this aspect disapears, we all know how our hands work and as soon as a customer puts on the headset they are ready to go, potentially without any user tutorial required which will be of great benefit.
Brian Clarkson
Electrical Engineer - Designer