VR Experience: B.Braun Aesculap Spine VR
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HTC Vive
An interactive presentation of lumbar spinal surgery techniques for the HTC Vive
B. Braun Spine Days is an interactive Virtual Reality application that offers an overview of lumbar spinal surgery using ENNOVATE® and XP®, two new products from B. Braun Melsungen AG.
B. Braun is one of the world’s leading providers of healthcare products today, supplying the global healthcare market with products and systems for anesthesia, intensive care, cardiology, extracorporeal blood treatment, and surgery, as well as providing services for clinics, physicians in private practices, and the home care sector.
The project had a technical and an artistic goal. On the technical side, we wanted to offer an informative and interactive true-to-life presentation of two novel surgical procedures. The application features two interactive surgery sequences: ENNOVATE®, a new screw model for spinal cord surgery, and XP®, a new disk implant. The instruments were carefully rendered in Virtual Reality and programmed to allow a natural and precise interaction sequence.
Design-wise, the application offers immersive and engaging spatial experiences. Our team of architects created a responsive three-dimensional lobby to act as B. Braun’s visual identity in the virtual world. The lobby environment reacts to changes in user input and to scene transitions. A special feature of the application is a level that represents the osseous tissue of the bone: Bone Land. Before entering the operating room to perform the implant surgery with XP®, the player changes to microscopic scale and travels through the bone structure. Bone Land is comprised of algorithmically generated 3D units.
​​NUMENA Virtual Reality Architects is a creative studio that develops virtual and augmented reality applications (VR/AR). Our interdisciplinary team combines programming and architecture to create immersive virtual experiences. Our integrated design process reveals the new possibilities that emerge at the dynamic boundary between the virtual and the real.
At the core of NUMENA lies a fascination with the intersection between three-dimensional space and technology. Each project is a unique exploration of this connection and aims to create a space where products unfold their functionality, tell their story, and interact meaningfully with their users.
The application will be made available for free on Steam in September 2018. For more information contact us at
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