VR Ecommerce Experiment
Published a year ago
Windows; HTC Vive
An experiment attempting to take clothes shopping and "try before you buy" to the next level
This was my computer science senior design project. The goal was to figure out how VR can enhance the online shopping experience. The solution was to use VR as a medium to allow customers to try on outfits in various environments through their avatar. The user can add items to their shopping cart on some website connected to the Firebase DB, and the VR application automatically syncs the cart so they can continue shopping in VR as well as try on the outfits they have selected. Anything they add in VR is synced back on the website automatically as well.
Excuse the poor video quality, my computer couldn't handle VR and HD screen recording at the same time.
Kristopher Guzman
Independent Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive