VR Deflection Game
A local multiplayer game where several players playing on the monitor/TV will be attacking the player in VR which will be using plasma swords to deflect their attacks back.
This game’s focus is to get more people involved than just the player using the VR headset. It’s a competitive game that pits the VR player up against 1-4 traditional players on controllers or mouse and keyboard playing on the computer monitor or TV. The monitor players will be shooting lasers at the VR player and the VR player must either dodge or deflect them back at them as his/her only method of attacking. The goal for the VR player is to survive and the goal for monitor players is to kill the VR player. There will be 2 game modes: Assassin and Assault. Assassin is more of a slower, carful mode where the VR player must pay close attention to clues because the monitor players will be passively invisible until they do an action like firing, then they will temporally be visible. The Assault mode is a wave based mode where each of the monitor players will be selecting enemies that will be spawned to attack the player that round. A single-player version of Assault will be only the VR player and the enemies for each round will be selected at random.
Matthew George
Unity Developer - Programmer
Julian Whatley
8 months ago
I'm looking to implement deflection in my game. The player will hold a lightsaber of sorts, and will try to defend themselves against laser bullets. I want to be able to deflect the lasers. But I'm struggling to find any resources on the net. Also this is a Uni project.