VR Core: Hold the Gate
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Android; iOS; Other VR
Strategy tower defense game for Google Cardboard.
The war between two alien races has been raging on for millennia, and now only their ancient machines remain to fight their endless war. You are an advanced defence Artificial Intelligence designed to prevent the destruction of your home planet. You must do this by taking command of several different towers defending the road to an important main gate to the capital city from a lot of automated enemy tanks.

Prevent the enemy from destroying the gates using strategically placed laser machine gun turrets and missile launchers.
You change weapons by changing towers, just look at the tower you want to warp to and tap the screen.
Overcome as many waves as you can in this endless attack.
There are two different enemy machines. One is smaller, faster and easier to destroy, the other bigger and slower and takes more firepower to defeat.
This game is compatible with Cardboard VR V1(with magnet) and V2(built in tap button). You need to have one of these versions to play.

!Defend the door¡
CEO & Programmer - Designer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Other VR