VR Control Rooms
The VR Control Rooms SaaS offering combines the following capabilities within VR and 3D UI format, and also interfaces with and extends “real world” systems into the virtual domain.
This mobile VR project was a great example of how VR can contribute to the non-game sector. The client is a leader in mission critical communications and wanted to see how VR can take their product offering to the next level. The process was iterative, and we tried many different options for UI and control. We finally settled on immersing the user in a 360 video environment, giving them access to all the existing communication systems they were used to but added a live view map to be able to see where the communication was coming from, things like weather data, telemetry data and even a set of world clocks. We implemented a great deal of data API's as well as streaming audio through our own real-time audio solution over WebSockets. All in all, this product represents a very strong step in convincing mission critical systems owners of the power of VR. See more at
Features: 1. Matrix & PBX communications enabling complex, multi-channel voice collaboration seamlessly integrated with PBX capabilities and interoperable with communications systems outside VR. 2. Audio routing and multi-channel audio monitoring from IP and analog source feeds, with SIP support. 3. Geopositioning and mapping to track the precise location of all your users and assets in the field. 4. Immersive 360 VR live and on-demand streaming with the ability to instantly select and change from one video source to another. 5. Real-time telemetry data including financial, weather, and world clocks, with API to easily add the data most relevant to you. 6. Integrated field app which includes push-to-talk communications, geo-tracking, video capture and encoding for streaming, and image uploader.
Roger Miller
Technical Director - Programmer