VR Church
A realtime VR visualization of a destroyed location, built with the help of point cloud data and reference photos.
On Easter 2016, the old wooden church of Ylivieska (built in 1786) was burned down in an arson. A few years prior the church had been laser scanned. I was part of a small team at Centria UAS responsible for building a virtual representation of the location. The end result was a realtime VR visualization, running on Unity3D with HTC Vive. The goal was to create a faithful replica of the original building in VR, so a lot of attention went to getting the overall atmosphere and feel of the place right. Care had to be taken to make sure everything runs smoothly in VR, although the environment was relatively compact.
The work was carried out by Centria University of Applied Sciences. For the most part we had only two people working on this and I was responsible for roughly half of the whole project, taking part in the modeling and texturing, also handling the duties of a technical artist (scene setup, lighting and programming).
3D Modeling and texturing: Ari Lehtiniemi & Anttoni Porri
Scene setup, lighting and programming: Ari Lehtiniemi
Additional 3D modeling and audio work: Mikko Himanka
Ari Lehtiniemi
Technical Artist / 3D modeler - Artist