VR Canon Game (Master Thesis)
VR Canon Game is made for Greve Museum, with their World War 1 exhibition at Mosede Fort. The game is a collaborative game. One player is a cannoneer and is wearting a Vive Headset with controllers. He/she is going to arm a cannon fire it. The only thing the cannoneer knows is the name if the target. Two other players, map player (1-2 players), are sitting in front of the monitor, with a webcam on it, and have a physical map, ruler and an angle ruler, with the targets name on the map. They have to calculate the distance and angle from the posistion of the cannon, also marked on the map, to the target. The map players have to communicate to the cannoner what he/ she shall adjust the canon too in order to hit the target. They have three tries to hit the target or they lose. Main Role. Game Design and Tutorial Design
Mads Hagemann nielsen
QA & Community Manager - QA
Programmer and Game Design