VR Boxing - Work In Progress
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Other VR
A simple VR Boxing game. Still a lot to do.
Hi all! This is my first VR game.
I'm using Unity for about 1 year, and i'm working on a VR Boxing game. I'm looking for investors, to produce cool graphics, the actual ones have been grabbed over internet or the Asset Store. I started the project with Rifcat to simulate the vive, and Leap motion for the hand. Now I adapted the whole project to mixed reality headsets, which are awsome and cheaper. I'm really focusing on gameplay mecanisms. I would like, to deliver an Arcade style gameplay but also a good simulation maybe virtual professionnal training. I'm working in conjunction with a person who did boxing for many years. Next steps are:
  • add more collisions
  • boxer protection
  • boxer attacks
  • player protection
  • score
  • damage count
  • etc ...., etc ....
Thanks for reading, hope to hear some advices from the community.
Best regards
Graphist & Developer - Programmer
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Windows; Other VR