VR A&B House Configurator
Published 4 months ago
In development
HTC Vive
This the first project of our team.
VR A&B House Configurator is a beta version of a VR Configurator for houses, which gives the user the unique opportunity to take a look, to change the interior and exterior and to have fun in an environment close to the reality. Changing the different scenes combined with the sounds of the nature, for example from day to night recreates the magical and fascinating atmosphere.
On this first stage there are included 4 different houses form professional designers and architects. The houses have different terrains and multiple opportunities for changes. Each month there will be an updates with adding of a new things (Houses, Terrains, Functions, etc.)
In future updates there will be fun houses inspired from popular movies, history and houses which will show the characteristics of different societies and nations.
1.The configurator gives multiple functionalities to the user for changes:
2.Change between day and night scene.
3.Disassemble of the house.
4.Change of the interior
5.Grabbing and moving objects
6.Changing of the flooring
7.Changing of the walls
8.Changing of the joinery
In the next update we will add a birdseye view from a hot air balloon.
The app can be downloaded from our site.
If you are a designer or architect who has an interesting project and want from us to add it into the project connect with us on E-mail: Site:
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HTC Vive