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About This SoftwareVoxVR is a creative tool which lets you create 3D voxel models in virtual reality.VoxVR is a creative tool that allows you to create 3D models using cubes in virtual reality. Creating voxel art has never been more intuitive and easier! Stand in your own artwork while creating it or edit your existing creations by importing existing voxel files (.vox, .qb) to view them from a whole new perspective. This software offers artists and gamers lots of fun by providing an entertaining and easy to use VR-workspace.For GamersBuild everything you can imagine. From characters and pixel-art to vehicles and buildings. It is a lot easier and so much more fun to build 3D objects in 3D space than on a 2D screen. Share your creations with your friends and get new models from the Steam Workshop.For ArtistsVoxVR is perfect for voxel artists because of the physical environment which lets you place voxels precisely and fast, in combination with our on productivity optimized tools. You can use different brushes of variable size, which were created on the request of artists using VoxVR, to sculpt your model. Choose between a RGB and HSV color selector or pick your colors using the pipette, then save your colors in the color palette for easy access. We also want to offer you as much compatibility to traditional programs as possible. That is why VoxVR already supports the import and export of Magica Voxel (.vox) and Qubicle (.qb) files, as well as export to common 3D model files like .obj.Currently supported import formats: .vox (Magica Voxel) .qb (Qubicle) .png (Image) .vxvr (VoxVR) Import from Steam WorkshopExport formats: .vox (Magica Voxel) .qb (Qubicle) .vxvr (VoxVR) .obj (3D Model) .dae (Collada) .stl (Model for 3D Printing) Upload to Sketchfab Upload to Steam Workshop b4d347fde0 Title: VoxVRGenre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, UtilitiesDeveloper:Broken Vector, Michael Lohr, Jack Dähn, Lars Grevsmühl, Nico Thomas, Robin QuintPublisher:Broken VectorRelease Date: 20 Oct, 2017 VoxVR Download Game Hacked Awesome program for starting a design and making last-minute touches. I love the idea of making t hings in VR, and would like to do this as opposed to on a traditional 2d screen. However there are a few things keeping it from being an awesome experience.The biggest problem I saw was the inability to rotate the current selection. If you copy part of your scene, you cannot change its orientation. So if you want to copy something to adjacent walls, this is apparently impossible. Another issue is that you cannot undo unless you are in insert voxel mode. If you inadvertently copy and paste something 1 space over, you have to leave the select tool to undo. Lastly, the scaling of the brush size does not really make much sense. Going from 1x to 2x scaling results in a brush size of 4. I would hope that the granularity of the size would be a simple multiplier (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc).This is a good title that would be great if these issues were resolved.. Hey! This is a neat tool! I know it just came out, but I think that only having the ability to grab and not rotate the structure itself is a little bit bothersome. As when you use the rotate action if you're not in the center of your room it's a tad disorienting. Perhaps having teleportation (not sure if it already is) and rotation centrered around the user. And/or when you hold both grips you can zoom and rotate the object. Finally just having different forms of colour picking aside from just the sliders. And perhaps some basic palletes.TLDR a few things to tweak but otherwise neat app!. I want to love this and surely might some day, but for a paid app, the ui and tool set are quite disappointing. Add some basic lighting, mirrored modeling, extrusion, selection, copying please. The ui is quite clunky to navigate, and there is no indication of where your cursor is when erasing. I could go on about other basic improvements to the ui and toolset, but those basics would go a long way. As it is I can't reccommend paying for it, but I will be watching for advancements and hope to give a positive review in the future. I love the idea of using voxels in VR, but VoxVR isn't a practical tool yet.You really ought not claim "a professional tool set.". This is exactly what I needed to design 3D voxel creations that I will later turn into 3D perler bead art. However, there are a few things I would love to see added to bring this software closer to being perfect. Maybe they already exist and I haven't discovered it yet, but I would love to see these things:1) It needs layers. I would like to create separate pieces of my 3D design in the same space and be able to move them independently from one another. This is critical. 2) It needs the ability to grab the piece and rotate it. Yes, I can walk around it but I get tangled in my Oculus Rift cable and currently I only have two sensors so I lose sight of the sensors sometimes. Yes, I can rotate the camera but that ends up being a hassle to get my design back into view where I want it to be. It would be much easier to just grab the piece I'm working on and spin it around.That's pretty much it. The software seems to stutter periodically when I move around the room. I'm not sure if that is the software or if my PC was acting up. I don't experience it in any other apps or games. Also, I made a large cube and noticed the lighting on one side was showing vibrant colors on one side of the cube but a darker shade on the other side. It might be helpful to give us the option to move the light source OR just give us a really bright area where lighting isn't in play.One more thing - I tried to import my .vox files from another program. I added them to the import folder but I could not find a way to open them in this app. When I click open save folder, it does nothing. If open the files outside of VR from my PC, it opens Microsoft Edge for some reason. Is there a trick to opening .vox files within the app so I can see my old creations in VR?. After such amazing apps like Quill and Medium, this one is really so-so comfort-wise~
Kevin Tianio