Hi, I’m Jakub Klementewicz. My short biography: My journey with programming started 7 years ago, when I first became interested in how games are made. I started searching for information like: „How to learn programming?” or „The first step in programming?” on the Internet. I was so interested in it, that I decided to buy my first Programmer’s Book – „C++ Programming: Visual QuickStart Guide by Larry Ullman & Andreas Signer”. I would highly recommend it! After reading the book, I started coding simple console programs like: calculators, text-games etc. I made a decision to buy a new book to improve my programming skills. I learned, learned, learned. I felt that was not only a hobby or a passion. I knew it was a part of my life. Since 2014 I’ve created many simple or more complicated programs and games. Here you can read more about a game: Voxelaxy (combination of two words: Voxel & Galaxy) is a space survival game, where the player plays as an astronaut. His spaceship, which he calls „Mouse”, has been destroyed suddenly by missile. He had to land in an emergency on an unknown planet. Using available technology, the astronaut has to survive on that unfriendly area. I've attached some screenshots with descriptions to show you, how the game looks. You can see more posts about my work on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Jakub Klementewicz
18-year-old Polish developer - Programmer