Voxel RPS
[Click on the .gif files!] Voxel RPS is a fast paced beat-that-high-score game that revolves around defeating enemies and bosses in Rock-Paper-Scissors duels, with a RPG elements added into the mix. Think of Rock-Paper-Scissors in real life with your friends, but faster and with more craziness added to it! Voxel RPS has went through several iterations of gameplay design, most of the changes involving neutering of RPG elements and hence complexity of the game, in order to simplify the game and make it an easy game to pick up and play at any time, as with most mobile games for casual gamers out there. This is the first Unity project that I've been working on independently for the past 6 months (on and off) before going to university to study Computer Science, making use of free assets from the Unity Asset Store, and While there's no guarantee that this game will make it past the prototyping phase and into the App Store/Google Play Store, I'm just here to share the progress of my game's development as a self-taught programmer who can't draw to save his life and an avid user of Google for problems I can't solve myself. Since this game is made ENTIRELY of free assets, and ART is one of my worst skills out there, if you happen to take interest in my project, feel free to contact me on this platform and you can get the prototype build of the project to find out more! Thank you for reading.
Dominic Chong
Indie Game Developer - Programmer