Voodoo Child
Videogame prototype of a side-scrolling platformer made by a team of french students.
Voodoo Child is a side-scrolling platformer game in a cartoon universe which also develops a puzzle component. The game takes place at the beginning of 1960s in the region of New Orleans. The player has the control of a 12 years old african-american girl called Janis. Accompanied by a voodoo doll, a zombi and helped by some divinities of the Voodoo pantheon, she has the task to get back a powerful and ancient artefact. It is a 2 by 2 level prototype created in association with some Sound Designers specialized in Video games from the school ACFA Multimedia in Montpellier. We also had the help of a student from the Imagina Master's degree from Montpellier's Faculty of Science. The project was presented in front of professionals from the video game industry.
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Kévin Gay
Junior 3D Artist - Technical Artist - Artist