VoltSlime (under development)
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Windows; Android
A 2d fast-paced platformer, hommage to Sonic!
Hello dear speedrunners!
I'm pretty happy to present you VoltSlime, the current project I am working on! This is a 2d platformer where everything is made to remind you the Sonic days, from the character to the music! As usual with me, everything is hand-crafted! Custom music, custom graphics!
Actually (2019, March 21st), there are two levels made, for the first zone, out of six zones consisting of a total of 18 levels + 6 boss levels.
I sincerely thank More Mountains for the Corgi Engine, which will be included in the credits of the game. Graphics made with Aseprite. Music made with FL Studio and SPSG VST (to make a Master System sound). Made with Unity3d and C#.
Are you ready to go fast?
Will be available at first for Windows and Android.
Franck Poulhon alias Frelon-K Games
Franck Poulhon
Solo developer - Designer
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Windows; Android