Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion
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Welcome to Olkarion

Hello Lauren, Kate, Bob, and Dean 👋

Let us introduce ourselves and our game pitch: Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion!
We are Gbanga, a small game studio from Zurich, Switzerland. You can find the .pdf of our game design document here:

No time to read through the entire document?

No problem. Here's a quick overview about Gbanga and how we came up with the idea for Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion.

Gbanga has been making games for over 11 years now. We are old enough to remember watching Voltron on Saturday mornings on TV and still young enough to appreciate the awesome new interpretation of the series. So picking Voltron Legendary Defender was an easy choice for us.
Speaking of choice: Unity has always been our tool of choice, allowing us to succesfully publish several games for mobile phones, VR devices and PC.
During a rewatch of Voltron Legendary Defender we were once again fascinated by the tech-wizardry of the Olkari. Their ability to transform every material on touch inspired us to come up with this game idea.

What we came up with is a one-versus-one real-time strategy game.

Two players face each-other (or one player faces the single-player campaign).
Each one has to protect their base while trying to destroy the other's. This can be done by a structure of different Olkari cubes between the bases.

Each Olkari cube has different features and abilities. Some are offensive, others are more defensive but most can be used for both, depending on the situation.
With the eight basic block types we've developped so far, there are already endless different combinations possible.
No match is the same as the last one. It all depends on your strategy, your opponent's strategy and how you react to it.
Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion is a game about creative thinking and quick decision making, in a competitive environment.
The quintessence of our design for the game is: easy to learn but hard to master.
This makes it perfect for a competitive online multiplayer scene. In ranked matches players can climb up regional and international leaderboards and in the end face each-other in real life eSports tournaments. The different strategies different players can use make the game highly interesting for viewers, who can then analysize the competitor's decisions while trying to improve their own strategies.
Long-term attachment to the game can be held active by releasing new story campaigns in single-player mode which unlock new cubes with exciting new abilities for multiplayer battles, shaking up the previously established favorite strategies of the players.
We believe we can make this game a reality, with our long years of experience in the game design business and the "famous" Swiss attention for mechanisms and details.

Paladins, get to your lions! 🦁

Have a great Quintant!
Andreas Halter
Game Manager - Producer
Matthias Sala
Studio Director, mixed-reality studio Gbanga - Executive
Manuela Seiler
Artist - Designer
Robbert van Rooden
Producer - Producer
Yury Schicker
Art Director - Designer
Robin Bornschein
Chief Game Design Officer - Designer
Benjamin Klingler
Developer - Programmer
Jonas Krucher
Developer - Programmer
Alexander Steinacher
Developer - Programmer
Ramona Ent
Quality Manager - QA
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Stephen Atwood
a year ago
Awesome job and congratulations! Also, I was hoping to look at the game design document, but it's not a clickable link for me to download.
hi, i want to see the gdc, but it is blocking.