Voltage - Editor UI
Power your tools with Voltage and save your time for something else!
Use Voltage to create your own extensions and tools. This framework will provide you with multiple features to make your job easier.
You have full permission for publishing the assets you have made with Voltage Free of charge. If you are planning to release be sure to delete all of Voltage included demo windows.
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  • Realtime Styles Editor: for easily managing all your styles on one window, now you wont have to trouble yourself coding your styles. You can edit them, see the changes on real time and use them on your code just like that. - Split Area: if you where wondering how to provide your windows or editors with a split screen, now it will only take you one line of code.
  • Foldout Areas: foldouts made easy with Voltage.
  • Tab Areas: a simple implementation of tabs.
  • List: A simple to implement nested list for you to use on whatever way you want to. With right mouse click for deleting, duplicating
  • Weighted Areas: for fitting elements in a simple way.
  • Stream Areas: for when you need a stream of tight fitted elements.
  • Scroll Areas: foldouts made easy with Voltage.
  • Fields: All the classic drawers implemented, and the possibility to expand and add your own custom fields.
  • Helpers: To help you break your windows or editors into multiple scripts.
  • Nested Areas: easy to comprehend nested areas, combine all the different areas to control and organize your interface.
Agustin D'Alessandro
Lead Unity Developer - Programmer