Void Tyrant
Published 2 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
Void Tyrant is a single-player card-based rougelike RPG with a unique hit-or-stand type battle system, set in a mythical universe where space travel is made possible by faith and magic.
On your way to restore the artifacts known as The Eyes Of Chronos, you will meet monsters that fight back using their own cards and tactics, quirky characters that can become followers, vendors selling equipment and items, deadly traps, treasures to loot, and bosses to fight. Followers, equipment, skills, and items make out your deck of hand cards that you use to alter the outcome of battles and augment damage.
Void Tyrant is being developed by Quite Fresh, and is being published on mobile devices by Armor Games.
Stefan Åhlin
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS