PlasmaVille : The city of Heart
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Follow the adventures of a tiny Red Blood Cell into the amazing city of PlasmaVille!


"PlasmaVille : The city of Heart" is a story oriented game that aims to narrate the story of an immature Red Blood Cell, as it travels through the busy planet "Human". After a tiresome journey around the planet, delivering Oxygen and taking moving Carbondioxide, it is awed by the elegant way in which the planet works and decides to keep a keen eye whenever something interesting pops up!


The inspiration of this project can be credited to many.
The main source of motivation for this kind of projects were mainly the educational animated Youtube channels which told amazing tales and facts of history, science and computing to relatively new viewers who might or not be too familiar with that subjects. Their terrific animations and illustrations always made the topics look fun even though knowledge in that field didn't concern the audience.
Thus, I myself aspired to be like them and choose a topic out of my comfort zone. In the end, I decided to take some insights and inspirations from one of the Anime I had watched once about body Cells, and thus, choose Biology as my topic instead of Computer Science, the subject I am majoring in. This way, I was never disappointed about my content as all I researched about was new and interesting to me.


This is my very first competition ever and I am so hyped about it! :)
The game is based in the right chambers of the human heart, turned into a busy and bursting city full of activities. It features interactive objects which can be in plain sight or lying around to be found as the story goes. The story is relatively short but full of amazing facts and great illustrations to mimic and describe the working of a human body. The game features two small mini games which are key elements to understanding the 3 key components of human blood - RBC, WBC and Platelets.
The story is short and fun to play, so we would love for the player to roam about and discover the amazing facts to be found in PlasmaVille

Tools and Execution

The primary tools used to make the game include Blender, GIMP ( photo editing ), Mixamo ( Adobe - Animations ) and of course Unity. Due to late realization about the competition and a short time of 25 days, we decided to use some assets from AssetStore, modify some of them after getting consent and get the work done quick, but efficiently.
Hoping to share the results and progress as soon as decent screenshots and materials are recorded! Cheers!


We have decided on the following layout of the map as of now and might be subject to changes. We'll post the rough layout of the Scene View once we get the buildings placed.
I would like to thank Karboosx and Polygon Blacksmith, for their consent to allow us to use some terrific assets and modify some of them according to our need. I have used Blender as the tool to edit and modify the required structures and add some features to them such as railings, doors and simple decorations.
Spent some time modelling the layout of the map and checking the animation transitions. I used relatively simple code to move the characters and used triggers and Boolean parameters for animation transitions. Looking forward to edit the buildings and make them look more industrial and set some animation triggers on the benches to make the player sit on them when it is close. Other small improvements as well as Post Processing is still on the to do list! This has been fun so far!
Spent the last 2 days making a overview of the city and keeping it as close as possible to that of a structure of heart. Here's the final preview of the map and it'll be subjected just to minor changes. The discussed and final model of the map differed drastically as we tested the size and ease of traversal for the player. Overall, I am happy with what we ended up with.

Siraz Naorem
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Ravi Kumar Jha
4 days ago
@Siraz Naorem very nice!!
Siraz Naorem
5 days ago
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EldonThe anime threw me off after seeing all the more cartoon like images haha, then I realized it was just from inspiration! Anyways, this looks really cool!
@Eldon, Thank you so much! Yeah, I wish I knew how to draw so well! :) All the best for your project and happy new year.
6 days ago
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The anime threw me off after seeing all the more cartoon like images haha, then I realized it was just from inspiration! Anyways, this looks really cool!
Siraz Naorem
7 days ago
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TheDrhax14It feels like something is wrong with the graphics...
Hey! Do you mean the shadows? I've not changed my Quality settings since last project so everything is pretty much default. I am still a novice in Ambient settings :/ As of now I've not fiddled with the skybox or the directional light. I hope they can fix things up. Thanks for your feedback! :)
7 days ago
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It feels like something is wrong with the graphics...