Voice Controlled K'nex Car
Imagine an old toy that you loved to play with. Now add the Raspberry Pi. What do you get?
This is how I came up with my idea for the Voice Controlled K’nex Car.
My project initially began as an investigation into artificial intelligence with the Raspberry Pi. After an hour of research Iread about Alexa on Raspberry Pi’s official blog. Further research led me to the “Internet of Voice Challenge” on Hackster.
As I watched the introduction video, I could only imagine the infinite implementations.That evening, I had only one question in mind: “How could I make an Internet of Things idea that was not only enjoyableto the end user, but also allowed the user to be creative in their own way?”
When I was younger, I collected K’nex sets and absolutely loved to build enormous roller coasters, ball machines, and evenstructures for electric train sets. This love of K’nex sparked my answer to my question: “What if I added the ability for Alexa to control a Raspberry Pi powered K’nex car?”
After several weeks of studying and development, I produced a working Alexa skill. As a 16 year old, this type of real world development was very instructive. I enjoyed every process from the initial development to the final certification of the Alexa Skill to submitting my project.
My project won 2nd place internationally in the The Internet of Voice Challenge.
Austin Wilson
AR/VR/Voice Developer - Student