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The Future Is Beautiful

Screen Shots


Hello! We are Forest and Aaron San Filippo and Nate Abell. Forest and Aaron run indie game studio Flippfly ( while Nate is a freelance concept artist ( We all live and work in Wisconsin, USA.


We wanted to capture the juxtaposition of an idealized digital world, and the real world that was left behind. We were inspired by Westworld, Bladerunner and Black Mirror.


We knew we were going to include a train to capture the metaphor of movement without control and a child, who both embodies our evolution and reminds us of what we’ve lost. Nate put together these moods to get us started:
The final shot was mocked up in gravity sketch. We ended up dropping the giant ball buildings to conserve the sense we were on earth and push the dichotomy between ideal and reality, success and failure.
Forest and Aaron researched Unity’s ability to overlap scenes, create portals, and went through the asset store while Nate began putting together custom assets. We started with the train.
We then set up a kitbash palette for the platform and train exterior. The design of the platform is mass-produced and modular, the opposite of the infinite customization available in AR.
And lastly we handled the second version of the train interior. We wanted the design to channel padded rooms in asylums; a place of self-destructive detachment from reality.
Some paintovers for the platform and AR city shot.

Unity Tools

Cinemachine: Used for all camera work and transitions Timeline: Used throughout the project to sequence cameras, animations and sounds Post Processing Stack: Use to create unique post process profiles for each scene

Assets Store Listings

Cute Kitten!/content/33121
Strong Knight!/content/83586
"Unity-chan!" Model!/content/18705
Dragon the Terror Bringer Handpainted!/content/77452
Skybox Series Free!/content/103633
MCS Male!/content/45805
Mountain Tree Pack!/content/26713
Free Snow Mountain!/content/63002
Unity Particle Pack!/content/73777
MCS Male: Hazmat Suit!/content/86694

Forest San Filippo
Graphic Artist - Artist
Nate Abell
Concept Artist/Illustrator/Art Director - Artist
Aaron San Filippo
Co Owner, Flippfly - Programmer
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мне глубоко насрать на все чужие проэкты не нужно мне пихать в ленту посмотреть мне действительно повигу что вы делаете ,мне безразлично все что вы делаете -никто из вас не можеть дать то что мне нужно-иначе бы я не пришла сюда
Tsuyoi Raion
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what.... did i just watch.... lol
Graphic Artist - Artist
Jorge Reyna TamezNice work, congratulations!
Thanks! It was a ton of fun to make.
Game Developer - Programmer
Nice work, congratulations!