Visualiz3d Studio
Created under 24h during NwHack 2016. We built a completely cross platform solution ( runs on pc windows, mac, android, ios devices etc...) that enables users to fetch 3D content from other users and project them easily with their device using the Unity3d compiled app. Basically, we had 3 major components. 1) Building the physical plastic component to create the projection above the device. 2) Unity Component - contained all the linear algebra and graphics algorithms to dissect the 3D model streamed into Unity and split it up into 4 projections that when put onto the device, these projections are used to recreate the 3D model anywhere any time. We made the UI controls to manage all the Transformations to the image such as rotation speed and scaling the Hologram size. 3) web app in the MEAN stack to upload, preview in WebGl and share 3D content to other users.
David Tran
Software Engineering Student - Student