Visual Effects for Runewards - Strategy Card Game
Runewards is a free-to-play competitive strategy card game set in a fantasy themed world that allows players to battle one against another. I've worked as a contracted VFX artist for ReaverGames. We've made more than 150 FX's for RuneWards, an online TCG for PC and mobile devices. The work included fxs on cards (skills, buffs and debuffs, highlights and passive abilities) fxs on the board, UI elements and many others. It is really funny to think of how many elements must have a little spark here and there and how we, as players, sometimes simply do not see how those little details affects the whole experience. It was a really good challenge and I am super proud and grateful to have helped ReaverGames in this project. Check out the game here -->
Rafael Morais
3D Artist - VFX Artist - Artist
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