Visual Effect Graph Experience
VFX were my first passion in this industry, especially the complex flashy particle explosions and the like. When I started with Unity almost 10 years ago, particles were far from that, difficult to use, difficult to understand and worst of all, pretty bad for performance. Then, eventually Shuriken came along, it reinvented particles in Unity, they looked better, felt better and generally were more fun. But one thing was always missing, complex, controlled behaviour. You could try to set the particles' positions manually via code, but after several thousand particles, this quickly got out of hand, performance wise. With the introduction of the Visual Effect Graph, a new era of VFX in Unity is about to open up. I love the new node based approach (hence Graph) and the results. The best part about it is being able to tie the VFX pipeline into Unity, or vice versa. Possibilities have opened up to previously unachievable scale.
In this demo, I have linked a Music Visualization script, which I had previously used on a Shuriken Particle System, with the new Visual Effect Graph, taking one of the provided demo assets and modifying it slightly to create this look. To anyone who's used the Shader Graph will see a familiar workflow when creating these effects and hopefully will come to like them as much as I do.
Creating editable parameters, which are exposed to the Inspector have a useful benefit, which I have discovered. Exposed parameters do not need to be recompiled. Unlike in Shuriken where you see immediate effects when you change a value, the Visual Effect Graph works more like a shader (which it is in a way...) in that it needs to be recompiled, unless you have exposed parameters.
In either case, I find working with it is very enjoyable, and with very few settings, it is possible to achieve effects that needed a lot of setting up before with Shuriken. It is definitely a skill I am going to hone with time and I am eagerly awaiting the full release of the Visual Effect Graph.
Atahan Tugra Kiltan
Interactive Media Designer - Designer