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About This GameHave you ever wished to be sitting next to a fireplace during a rainstorm, camping in the woods, or standing on the edge of a beautiful mountainous landscape? Now you can with this virtual reality (VR) room-scale experience. Available for the HTC Vive, this experience will be more relaxing and exciting than anything available for the price. This game isn't quite classified as a game, but thats the point! It's more of an experience. There has been lack of relaxation/meditation type games out for the Vive on the market and this is a solution to that. It's a place you can go to relax, to reflect, unwind and just listen to the in-game 3D audio sounds of nature/3D sound effects. b4d347fde0 Title: Vistascapes VRGenre: Action, Adventure, SimulationDeveloper:Bird Man GamesPublisher:Bird Man GamesRelease Date: 8 Jul, 2016 Vistascapes VR Patch 8 Download I'm sorry but this experience is very small and not as nice as in the trailer. Maybe it will be developed in the future but for now it is not worth paying money for. Sorry. It's an ok experience for that price. Basically you get 4 places to explore if you don't include the starting place. As for gaming goes, there's absolutly nothing to do in these places except for launching fireworks in one of them. However, the fireworks were really well made with good sounds and visuals, and made it a joy to watch. I thought all scenes seemed a bit empty, with few details and things to look at. If it would had provided better details overall, like in one scene you can see the raindrops moving down the window, it could have been a very nice experience, but the world seems very empty and static. It still delivers good sounds and who doesn't find sitting in a cabin in the woods, while the rain is pooring outside, relaxing? You basically get what you're paying for, and for that price you really can't complain over what you get.. I like those calm VR experiences where you just walk around and enjoy a nice scenery and I would also be willing to pay something for it if it is well made. But since we have Destinations, the Lab and a lot of other free scenery apps, like the master of them all Google Earth, a tech demo like Vistacapes VR falls short. I bought it on sale for 50 cents and do not regret it since I just like having games in my collection anyways, but for non-collectors I can say, save your money and enjoy the mentionned programs which deliver so much more content and perfection.Unfortunately not recommended. Twitch Channel : Channel : I really really loved the fireworks. So much attention to detail. The sound was off to compensate for the speed of sound. Just wonderful. A few performance issues here and there but definitely worth the money.. I was very excited to see this at first as I had been eagerly awaiting a relaxing VR rain simulation, which seemed to be part of this package. I thought the other simulations in this set looked decent too. Sadly, I was very disappointed for a number of reasons and definitely wouldn't recommend this.- For a rain simulation, there was no rain audio whatsoever, and this is the best bit!- The devs included a genuinely spooky horror message in what's meant to be a relaxation app, which is obviously the last thing you want in a relaxation app. I didn't hang around to find out if activating it triggered the worse events it implied. I think they were trying to be clever, but it's the wrong genre and target audience, folks. - General graphics quality is pretty bad; the rainy room was the best and it wasn't great.- General level of detail is pretty bad.- General audio quality is pretty bad.- Transition between rooms is very poor. You have to walk through a wall of solid 'water' into an unfinished area, and the app then puts you back briefly in the generic menu screen each time.- The instructions menu is full of typos that could have been avoided with a basic spell check - not a great start.Let me put it this way: The only reason I didn't get a refund here was so that I could leave a review to warn others.. Simply put: Don't buy it!Long version: You get four experiences (not counting the menu), of which one is okay: the fireworks are nice to watch. But all experiences are very clean and unnatural, e.g. "The Mountain" experience is simply a very low textured area where you are not allowed to wander around, but are limited to a very small area (possibly 3m x 3m). That is nothing compared to the "Vesper Peak" experience you get in "The Lab" for free! Furthermore there is a living room with a fireplace and rain outside the window which is also very sterile, but ok. The last one is a "walk" in "The Forest" which is simply an offence. There is no walk - again only a very restricted area - and the trees look very very simple. I don't know where the good reviews come from, but I feel very disapointed! I do like to sit down on "Vesper Peak" (The Lab) and enjoy the scenary, but I don't think I can enjoy any of these four experiences like that.Some additional words: The main reason I feel that much disapointed is that this product is not marked as early access or work in progress while it seriously is either a bad product or an unfinished product. The advertising simply does not match the state of the product. I bought a couple of games in early access to support the developer and when I bought them I knew what to expect and so it was ok and I am excited to play these games after each update. I will change my review if this product gets improved.. I LOVE this. Its small, its inexpensive, and I've spent LOTS of time in the fireworks area. I have no idea why it says I've only been in for .7 hours...I easily have been in watching just the fireworks longer than that.The woods..I had fun crawling on the ground through the plants...I'm sure I looked like an idiot in RL..whatever.The cabin...sitting in there is easy to forget I live in the city while watching the rain on the windows.The mountain...I rather liked sitting on the edge and looking down...I have a fan blowing on me..added to the illusion..again, probably looked like an idiot...The lobby...surreal. laid down on my floor and just watched the orbs for a bit. Might try drinking and going into this place.The fireworks....I absolutely love being able to control the shells. That being said, one of the shells bogs my machine down...I'd love to see it optimized. I've got a GTX980ti, 16G RAM and I5 6700.
Nicole Watts