Visor 2.0 (In progress)

Visor 2.0 is currently in development, so this post will be constantly updated.

Dev update (1):

The initial set up for the first temple of the game Visor 2.0. Is a magical place in which some random 'figures' are going to be falling from the watterfall, the player has to choose the right ones and let the other ones pass.
  • The two big stones at the sides are the ones that contains the information about the progress of the player in the game.
  • The water is using a vertex displacement shader and some textures to get that look.
  • The water that's comming out of the 'stone face' are actually planes with the same water shader and some little modifications.
  • The particles at the end of the waterfall succeded at covering the connection between the two planes (the one coming from the stone face and the actual water plane).
  • Some little 'fairy' particles where the nature is placed.

Dev update (2):

The 'figures' that we are going to be using are turtles, that have a 'figure shaped plane' on their backs.
  • The turtles have a swiming animation but is a little difficult to notice, maybe needs some twiking.
  • The figures over the turtles have a little glow, fits pretty well with the enviroment.
  • Added some more particles to the 'stone face'.
Jose Javier Palacio
Multimedia Engineer - Programmer
Kevin López Cárdenas
Multimedia Engineering - 3D for Games - Artist