Visa Siganture: The Door
Digital installation using 4K displays and Kinect motion sensors.
Using a card to unlock the door, visitors can open this special door and see a realistic 3D projection of a Luxury Hotel Collection room, stitched together from over a thousand photos taken from a real room. A Kinect motion sensor was placed at the top of the door frame to track users’ natural movements, creating a parallax effect: as they move closer to the door, their view of the room changes. As participants swipe left and right with hand gestures, they are able to explore the hotel room. By closing and reopening the door, a different hotel room comes into view. The experience is enhanced by another motion sensor, which allows a second user who is positioned at the back of the door to see a projection of themselves keyed into the room.
Laurentiu Fenes
Software Engineer - VR - Games - Interactive - Programmer