Virus - The Game
Updated 2 years ago
Making a fast paced mobile game!
  • Genre: Arena shooter 2D
  • Developed by João Milone from CrossBlack Studios
First of all I wanted to create a fast and exciting game for mobile, quite a challenge for the touch screen controls!
But suddenly I had an idea to make an arena style shooter with endless enemies that follow you non-stop and to fight them you have a range of power ups! I was highly inspired by a game launched for IOS a long time ago, called Tilt to Live (One Man Left Studios). But instead I wanted the player to have more control over the power ups and the player itself, having some of the powers triggered by UI buttons!

First Build:

I got the controls to feel just the way I wanted and the power ups were pretty satisfying to use! By shooting or blowing up the enemies, they each had an exclusive particle system effect to help them bring life to the scene! But something was not feeling good and that was the camera movement!
At first I assigned the camera to be child of the player object, but that didn't feel immersive. Then I've tried with a simple script to follow the player with a certain delay. But that didn't get the feeling I was looking for. At last I tried with the Cinemachine 2D, and that really made a difference!

Implementation of Cinemachine 2D:

Right when I applied the tool, it already gave a whole new experience to the game, with no tweaks at all! It just felt natural! The experience of using this tool is extremely intuitive and easy.
After that, a bit of tweaking did the job, I had the whole experience ready, by using this tool! The player could now see ahead, so that it could avoid incoming viruses, collect power ups and on top of it, move around in a much more natural way.
These were the final settings to the Cinemachine 2D!

In motion:

After I had my camera following the player the way I wanted, I could focus on making effects and explosions way more immersive!
I even added another game mode and Boss battles in the mix! And I still hope to keep bringing updates and more features to the game, maybe even an online mode!

Trailer of the project [Current State]:

Thanks for checking it out!

Well, it was fun to write about my game, and thanks if you've read it until here, have a nice day! :D
Joao Milone
Indie Game Dev - Programmer - Programmer
Joao Milone
2 years ago
Indie Game Dev - Programmer
Chuck Chuckersonnice! No one will ever download a game named Virus though.
hahahahha thats what I though, but it's getting plenty of downloads already, my biggest game until now :D!
Chuck Chuckerson
2 years ago
nice! No one will ever download a game named Virus though.