VirtuRail - 3D Visualisation for TfL
The requirement from TfL was to develop a sophisticated 3D visualisation of their in-house simulator to enable the visualisation of trains moving around a network with signal and point states changing within the 3D world.
We developed the application in a way that allows users to build an auto-generated virtual 3D world containing the track network, stations, signals and other elements that make up the network. This auto-generation of 3D environments eliminates the need for a team of 3D modellers to build bespoke environments for each railway network. Trains can then be visualised moving around the network and the user can free fly around the network or attach themselves to designated viewpoints such as in the train cab, next to a signal or on a platform for example.
The application is being used by the engineering team to support familiarisation, engineering decision making and stakeholder engagement and there are plans to use the application in support of future training as well.
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David Turner
Director - Manager