Virtual Worship
Virtual Worship: Spirituality & Devotion focused Immersive Virtual World Experiences.
People today find it difficult to visit Worship Spaces due to time, space, physical or lifestyle constraints. Infrequent visits therefore become a mere ritual to be accomplished. Finding the connection to our spiritual core, the true purpose of such spaces, remains elusive.
Virtual Worship presents a completely new & immersive way to perform worship and related devotional & spiritual activities for today's connected audiences.
We had launched this project on the Web (using the Unity Web Player) more than 5 years ago. We are now reviving and upgrading it for Smartphones, VR and Web.
Some amazing comments from over 300 emails received from our users:
1) "when ever i am depressed or lonely, i open this site and all my worries are gone.. thanks to your beautiful site.. i feel like i m an heaven with God.. wonderful!!"
2) "Now, I have found a way to meet my lord in the midst of my hectic and busy schedules of life. I have been longing for something like this since always."
3) "This is just to formally appreciate the small way in which you have touched our lives. The experience is beautiful and serene, and we feel the divine presence too. Technical details are also exceptionally good and i hope you prosper in these endeavors and build many more such online temples. Thank You once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4) "So beautiful! A Heavenly treat to those who are too old and can't go out to temple. I want to show this to my Grandfather, who is 102+ now."
5) "It starts my day and work with Spiritualism. As most of the time is spent on computer... I have found a way to remember God in the busy tech world !"
6) "i really loved ur is an awesome xperince which took us to the real imagined place of temple. it seems as if i m in the Heaven where only Peace exists.. i m deeply xcited by ur work and would like to do work with u in future after completion of my BTech..."
7) "# IPlease provided with all other Gods and Godess including other religions.
# Very Impressive and creative Work. Its beyond our Imaginations.
# Children enjoyed a lot, They used it as a game and started to play.
# Excellent for the lively experience provided.
Thank you...."
8) "Hi! First of all, great app you have developed! Really really great! Now, I wanted to ask you people a question. Is there any possibility of developing a shrine for other deites? Including from other pantheons (Odin, for example?). I think many people will be interested in that, and since it is somewhat a specific niche, many people from this religion (Odinism) would buy it!"