Virtual World Simulations by Human-iTech S.A.
The Virtual World Simulations platform by Human Innovation Technologies S.A. ( is a suite of solutions for personnel training, assessment, selection and certification. The platform features realistic and interactive virtual worlds, intelligent agents with complex behavioral patterns, multi-modal interaction (including natural language-based) with both the environment and agents, multi-platform availability and many more innovative technologies combined with a solid scientific background for personnel evaluation. I am involved with the project since 2012 as a co-chief software architect and technology consultant on matters related to Unity-based development, VR technologies, infrastructure design and implementation as well as collaborative, git-based development workflows with Unity. Among other things, I am responsible for designing the platform's core abstraction infrastructure and several key APIs (GUI, state machines, component interaction and data exchange, etc.), mechanisms for real-time interaction with virtual objects and intelligent actors in the virtual world, cloud-based and networked services, the company’s software licensing and authentication platform, and a variety of in-house support tools.
George Anastassakis
Architect/developer/consultant - Educator
Co-chief software architect