Virtual Tour - VRSafety
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This is a framework of Virtual Tour that I developed at the Bit Space Development Ltd.. Users can look around any 360 degree scenes with embedded content of various types such as Narrated Texts, Images, Flashcards, Quizzes and more. The framework is made such that it is easy to extend to meet needs for different projects. It supports all major standalone platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, WebGL), mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad), and VR platforms (Vive, Oculus, Google Cardboard). The gamified educational application supports saving and loading multiple user progresses, which are automatically saved in real time.
App Description:
VRSafety is our customized platform for 360-degree photos and videos. They are an engaging and immersive type of media content which has gained popularity in recent months with the likes of Facebook, Google and Youtube. It allows the viewer to move around the camera without limits, giving them control of what they see.
Our VRSafety platform is special, as we can add “hotspots” in your 360-degree panoramas. These are like the links between different types of media in one panorama. This can make your content not just a normal panorama, but a port of various information that viewers can see.
C# / Unity Developer - Programmer