Virtual Reality Interview Simulation
Participated in my very first hackathon at Ohio State's Hack OH/IO. Our team created a Virtual Reality Interview Simulation that helps users practice their interviewing and speech skills.
The simulation has three different interviewing categories: Behavioral, Situational, and Technical. After a bot asks a randomly generated question, a microphone records the user's voice and gives them options to either Playback their response, Redo answering the question, answer the Next question, or Quit the simulation
Really thankful to learn afterward that our team made it as a finalist and won 1st place for the 'Best Clutch' category from a total of 200+ participants! We came with the intention to learn, meet new people, and improve our coding skills, but we were not expecting to be a finalist - let alone win a category - at all!
Pascal Frederick Phoa
Virtual Reality Developer - Student
Virtual Reality Developer
*750+ participants in the hackathon. Just double checked with Hack OHI/O's website.