Virtual Reality Forklift Training
Published 21 days ago
HTC Vive
Virtual reality-based training and testing programs are not only safer for everyone, but more fun for employees. We developed a prototype of a forklift operator simulation for Human Condition Safety in New York that allows trainees to experience the behind-the-wheel hazards, as well as the complexity of shifting a load.
Using an HTC Vive headset with hand controls and foot pedals, just like they would in the forklift, the driver has to look around to catch all the potential hazards—from fellow employees walking around to overhanging objects. They can even honk the horn!
Future iterations could be customized further, changing up the scenario’s goals and hazards. It could also mirror the exact dimensions and layout of a specific distribution center, positions of racks, different types of loads and models of forklift. Customization would help employees learn the equipment, as well as become familiar with their exact working environment.
Talia Goldin
Rapid prototyping is our game! - Manager
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