Virtual Information Modeling
VIM converts your Revit files into an interactive 3d gaming/VR technology with cloud solutions to bring together various building design environments for BIM/CAD workflows.
This visualization retains and displays all BIM data from the original Revit. When a client has their first experience of walking through a 3D visualization and interacting with the design, the impact is incredible. VIMaec has created an inspirational tool that is changing the way the sector works. Models from Autodesk Revit, can be uploaded into the VIM.
The Revit files are transformed into a VIM producing a high definition, free roam 3D, walk-through environment which the client can explore. The platform is fast and flexible enough to allow designs to be updated quickly. The VIMaec managed service is also able to track the performance of the design and allows us to optimize the designs so you can give your clients the best possible results.