Virtual Football
The scene “Field” contains the 3D Virtual, interactive virtual objects and 3D manipulation techniques
You can move around the field by pressing the corresponding desired part of the touchpad and pressing the touchpad button at the same time.
The motion states are: (1) Not steering (2) Steer forward (3) Steer backward (4) Strafe left (5) Strafe right
The Manipulation states are: (1) Open (2) Touching (3) Holding (4) Closed (5) Enlarge
Unpress the grip and trigger button for Open State. You can pass through the objects in this state.
In close state, you can push objects. This state can be attained by pressing the trigger button without touching any object.
In enlarge state, any object which comes in contact with the right controller gets enlarged. It is activated with the trigger button.
When inside an object in open state, if the Trigger button is pressed, then it becomes the holding state as it holds the object.
The interactive virtual objects are: (1) Table (2) Chair (3) Star wars gun (4) Ball (5) Bathtub
Aditya Prakash
Unity Developer - Programmer