Virtual Exposure Therapy(V.E.T.)#ImagineGandhi#Unity#DST
Updated 2 years ago
A large proportion of the Indian Society, especially the youth are being haunted by their various kinds of anxiety disorders, trauma or depression.
In our little effort to heal Indian youth as the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi thought of we've come up with Virtual Exposure Therapy (V.E.T.). V.E.T. uses virtual reality to expose the user slowly and steadily to the situation that has put him/her in that anxious state of mind under controlled environment.
It gradually trains the user to a point where he/she stops running from situation and starts seeing it as just another one of the small things/incidents that one encounters by establishing a comfort level.
V.E.T. is an entirely "Swadeshi" concept which we intend to serve each and every community of the nation. Taking forward the learnings of the Mahatma Gandhi to make India a Happy nation.

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