Virtual AI Companion
Interactive Desktop Mascot
For now it's for personal use, i'm not quiet sure if i'll work toward making it a commercial product, we'll see...
Added Speech Recognition System *Includes*:
  • Voice detection by microphone feedback volume (starts checking if person speaks if feedback volume compares to value declared (i.e 0, 0.5, 1, etc.)
  • If microphone feedback detected, check key word "Kira"
  • If key word "Kira" is spoken, word check system starts (anything said after "Kira" is recorded)
  • If microphone feedback volume drops below declared value, word check "recording" stops, word check system compares word(s) said to dictionary.
  • If word(s) said match words in dictionary, word check system saves word(s) said as playerprefs then matches to dictionary
  • If word(s) said match dictionary, invoke "Check Words" function, this checks word(s) said playerprefs value, compares and executes an action based on word(s) said.
Other Additions:
  • Updated console feedback to match new updates
  • Added "Text-to-speech" system (reads back text in a designated voice)
  • Included dynamic "Text-to_speech" add on (allows me to alter text-to-speech values so the AI says different things based on "word(s) said"
  • Added custom Japanese voice for "Text-to-Speech"
Tsuyoi Raion
Game Developer - Programmer