Virtual Boiler, NAIT

Virtual 30 Ton Boiler, Boiler Maker Program, NAIT

Remake of a 30 Ton Boiler which is used for teaching the Boiler maker program, at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

The problem:

The real boiler has space and logistic issue where only one student can enter at a given time to inspect or learn its working. The actual boiler is beginning to rust and is building up maintenance cost.

The Solution:

The Virtual boiler is needed to integrate with current courses in a blended method of learning (students can access the virtual boiler from home). Further more, transparency shaders in Unity allow the students to see through the boiler in an Orthographic view with the blueprints in the background.
This project took under a month to create from scratch with blueprints provided. The 3D model was made in 3Ds Max and the simulation deployed with Unity 3D, Web GL.
Animesh Jha
Lead Unity Developer, Product Manager - Educator