Vintage Mainframes
Published a year ago
Replicating History
Our fascination with early days of computing has reached nostalgia level as evident in hundreds of active clubs, groups and societies centred around history and restoration of vintage computer technologies.
These places of historical reference have become popular learning facilities in which our new generation of engineers can experience historical paths of discovery that have lead us to where we are today. In this we discover root developments still in use today.
Using virtual reality learning tools. The vintage tech learning experience can be replicated using functioning models of mechanical switches, vacuum tubes and core memory.
Its surprising to learn that the challenges facing early computer pioneers are similar to challenges we face today. These include component reduction(cost), energy use, scalability, robustness, performance and capacity. Going back in time and taking a look a where we've come from helps us better understand where were going. Plus it gives us one last look before we say hello to the pending quantum shift.
Mike Hogan
Automation Developer - Designer
Mike Hogan
9 months ago
Automation Developer
Vintage mainframes has been out for a while now. There's a bit of of an uptake . No complaints. Followed up with Free Vintage frame models - If anyone has questions feel free to ask.