Villains of the Fat Punch: Solid Shake
Updated 2 years ago
Killer instincts, sweet tooth and obscene obesity in action!
What can a retired super agent do with his free time after years of keeping himself on a leash to be the best killer that ever lived? Eat! Oh, eat A LOT! Imagine crawling through the dusty streets, taking down hybrid weapons and wearing a gear, that is too tight on all the right and bad places. Imagine being the best of the best, suppressing all the cravings for sweets for years while saving the world. No appreciation, no gratitude, just endless hunger and tummy itching.
Welcome in the first part of Villains of the Fat Punch, series of articles that will take you through the bosses and notable enemies of upcoming beat’em game Fat Punch! The star of the first article is an old killer, cardboard box lover and somebody, who cannot fit the vents anymore, Solid Shake!
As Pig and Sarah Cownor progress through the countryside on foot after thrashing their car, they arrive to the Butcherville, small village east of the farm, that we do not have a name for yet! Redneck filled stink hole town is mostly composed of drunk inbreds who swim in moonshine and butcher anything that moves. As you can imagine, food is local currency and obsession at the same time! Butcherville is a place, where full plate is an altar and cutlery serves as king’s sceptre. The food is actually such significant part of the community, that locals started the Foodstock festival, music powered meet-up where people feast, swear, throw up and occasionally sober up, just to get wasted again. Sworn protector of the town and festival itself is retired soldier Solid Shake! Old-school killer who let himself go.
The young muscled body transformed to fat filled armour as Shake’s energy output went far from where it used to be years ago, while calorie intake skyrocketed. Some say, that Shake is as hungry as pregnant whale. The nano machines inside Shake’s body basically re-engineered themselves to become nano ice-cream machines, constantly flooding his body to keep it animating.
Designing Solid Shake is a real pleasure, we all are huge fans of Hideo Kojima’s work and we all consider Metal Gear brand as something, that shaped the world of the video games. Snake, whether it is Solid, Naked or any other, is such distinctive hero, that we had to pay him and his creator our respects. In the way that we know the best.
As you can see by Shake’s body, his move set is quite unique as well. In default state, he is just standing and blocking, occasionally shooting at you, while his minions keep you busy. When air around him gets too hot, he hides in the cardboard box and you have to chase him around a bit, to exhaust him. After burning through the calories, he has to stop to take a sip of his favourite drink, while also exposing himself to more attacks. That is the moment when you have to unleash your best moves!
We are looking forward to showing you more of our work, see you next time in another Fat Punch article guys! Thank you for your time!
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