Vikings: Ultimate Reality App
Augmented Reality App for History popular show "Vikings"
This app offers Vikings fans exclusive insight into their favorite characters – the lore that shapes them, their relationship to the gods, and how they’re destined to change heading into the storms of Season 2. Click on each of the four leads – Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki – for a deeper “reading” into their images. Fans may recognize these images from a billboard or magazine, but only the app explains the symbolism hidden in plain sight. Swipe to explore the character-based photo carousels of never-before-seen images from Season 2. Download the new key art as exclusive wallpapers. Then tap the icons beneath each Viking for original narratives from a mysterious Viking that break down how the gods interpret the omens in the character poses and environment. Every detail hints at changes to come. Once familiar with the Norse lore, fans can also meet these Vikings in person. In an exciting real world extension, the app activates 3D images. Just look for the UR tag on Vikings art appearing on phone kiosks, bus shelters, magazines, etc. Place the character into the camera’s viewfinder and use the app to scan the image, drawing them out for a “live” meet-and-greet experience.
Adrian Lurendium
Lead Programmer - Programmer
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