Viking Chess!
Viking Chess! is a 3D multiplayer adaptation of the ancient Nordic game of Hnefatafl for iOS. The premise is simple: one player controls the King and his Defending pieces that start in the center of the board. The other player controls the Attacking pieces placed along the board's edge. The Defender must get his King to any of the four corners to win, while the Attacker must capture the King. The asymmetrical nature of the game makes for an engaging match of strategy. In order to win, you must outthink and outmaneuver your opponent. Play with your friends and random opponents using Game Center, or pass-and-play your iPhone or iPad to a friend for same-device couch play. See how you stack up against others on the Leaderboards, and unlock Achievements... then challenge your friends to do the same! If you're new to "tafl" games, don't sweat it: Viking Chess! includes instructions on how to play along with intuitive controls.
Justin Schneider
Developer - Programmer
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