Viglo's WordTap
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Take the role of an employee and answer common questions you encounter in a real job! Be a cashier in a Fast food Diner, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Sports Center, and MORE! Or take a role of an interviewee applying for a job.

Playing the game is very easy! A computer asks you questions and you tap on the words in the correct order to respond! Rinse and repeat until you’re surprised, you already knocked off 1000+ conversations!

Challenge with friends and see who already answered more! Do your best to clear more questions than them!
Teaching foreign languages isn't easy. We created a game that is simple and fun to play but teaches core skills in listening and speaking a foreign language in many different contexts. We believe that an immersive experience with a driven context is the best way to absorb a new language.
The game takes advantage of the REST API for Microsoft's Cognitive Services (Bing Speech API for both Text to Speech and Speech Recognition).
The game also takes advantage of the PlayFab backend platform and Unity services for Analytics and Ads.
Scott H. Cameron
Developer | Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
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