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About This GameVHSoverdose is an unrelenting assault of outlandish action, served up with thick juicy slice of anatomical annihilation! Set inside of the confides of a simple 80's Arcade Machine, VHSoverdose tells the story of a man... with a cardboard box on his head. Discover the secrets of the universe amongst the city's gritty underworld of synthetic drugs, gangs and occasional ultra-violence. Whilst trying to complete a simple task, (Collecting a suitcase). What could be so hard about that? Size up your foe, choose your killing tools and plan your strategy of attack because once the insane action starts, your biggest enemy will be the ticking clock. In the non-stop chaos, every second counts and the more enemies you tear apart, the longer your buzz lasts. Your only chance to survive is to use whatever weapons you can get your hands on and recruit some ruthless allies that are tough enough to tackle the enemy onslaught, and maybe you’ll make it through this brutal arcade terror in one piece…FEATURES:Teamwork: Recruit ruthless allies of the bathroom raptor cult to help you take down your enemies!Dynamic Timer: Every mission starts the same, you, your medicinal pipe and 30 seconds to get the case and get out. With every kill you gain time onto the clock making the preparation phase of each level as essential as the action.Twisted Arcade Gameworld: As you progress through the game watch as the fabrics of reality slowly slip away from you as you dwelve deeper and deeper into this cyber hell.Catch: Utilize your team-mates as you cycle the missions objective between each other. Throw the case to an enemy before you smash their noodles out of their head, or simply throw the case to one of your raptor buddies to get it to the exit whilst you fight off the waves of enemies that are trying to stop you from stealing their goods! b4d347fde0 Title: VHSoverdoseGenre: Action, IndieDeveloper:CallThePolicesPublisher:CallThePolicesRelease Date: 20 Sep, 2016 VHSoverdose Keygen I was drawn to this game by its vibrant, lo-fi visual style. I thought this was going to be one of those games that embraces the "glitch" aesthetic. Sadly, the game is just plain glitchy. Overall it's a poorly-made, bug-filled mess that's not worth your money. Issues: Poorly-designed UI. The buttons don't respond when you hover or click on them. No loading screens or loading bar. When a level is loading, the entire game just freezes and becomes unresponsive for several seconds. There's no indication that anything is loading. Poor collision detection. The player character sticks to walls like glue. Unresponsive controls. When you click to punch, the player character punches about half a second later. Major game-breaking bugs. For example, I have tried to play the game three times; each time I get to a point where I get stuck in a wall or a piece of furniture. There is no option to restart the level. When this happens, I have to quit the game and re-launch it from Steam.I'm going to see if I can get a refund. Edit: Refund was denied because I was outside of the 14-day refund period. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't buy this game.. Quick:Current: 3/10Best Hope: 5/10Playtime: 2 hours maxShort:Inspired graphics by superhot, inspired mechanics by Hotline in the same way I was inspired by Tomb Raider to stuff socks in a bra when I was a child and it was just as effective.The gameplay engine falls down as you continually stick to any object. The combat in the game has not only floaty controls but very poor hit detection mix in one hit kills it all adds upto an unpleasant gameplay loop.The game story tries to “spoof” or “parody” recent trends of inside the machine mysteries but fails to keep you hooked or entertained so another failure again.Graphics are very nice, but show some lack of thought in certain areas when the neon just becomes not only over bearing but also in the way.About 2 hours of gameplay where the difficult comes from the game not working well rather then set challenge all you will get from the game is you do push through the 10 minutes of gameplay that does take about 2 hours all you will have to show is disappointment.Long: Note:Shame you see some ideas of a good developer here with some levels pushing strafe, some needing mostly running. it adds to a skill set which at no point come together.When I say inspired its just short hand to give reference, not a negative statement.. From the screenshots it looks like it could be cool.Sadly it's not. The art is a mess. Random objects are textured, some are wireframes, some have constantly shifting neon colours. It could be really cool if different materials represent different things but they don't it's just a mess.Gameplay is heavily influenced by Hotline Miami, but with none of the gamefeel of it's muse.You frequently get stuck on the scenery, hit detection of attacks is terrible. There are multiple bugs with invisible collision walls preventing progress. The whole thing feels shoddy and un-tested.I dearly wanted to love this game, but I just can't. Feels unfinished, badly designed and frustrating.Avoid.
Karen Jackson