Vendedor Challenge
Vendedor Challenge is an inhouse game designed to improve the employees knowledgement in the negotiation, selling, and marketing areas. In the game you need to walk arround the city trying to find the giant green arrows that are floating upon some builds, once you find one you need to answer a question about the company and his sales process. The game counts with 6 levels, each one of them have 30 questions to be asked before pass to the next level or finish the game. I was the main programmer, the only one in fact, and my role here was the desing and implementation of back end server logic login/register mechanics, scores, leader boards, data restoring from DB, data persistence across multilpe users per sesion in the device, local data saving and the management of the multiple questions per level; player movement with help of Unity's mobile input and collision management.
Salvador Lemus Trejo
Developer - Programmer