Velo Protector - Mobile Tour de France game
This game was made in one of my first game jams (2 days) in a group with 2 other programmers. The idea comes from Tour de France that started in The Netherlands that year, the idea was to protect the bikers from the crowd that walks on the road and throws with cans. You also swipe bikers from the road when they fell so that no other bikers fall over them. Another developer and I presented this game to King Willem Alexander (King of The Netherlands) and the Minister for Education. This game was made in Unity3D, but it got a lot more difficult then we initially thought since we had to do a lot more work to make it perform as it should on a Android device. Eventually we got it to run a stable good frame rate within the app. You can download the Android APK on: More info on - April 7, 2015
David van Scheppingen
Programmer & Game Designer - Programmer