Vegas: Alter Your Reality (VAYR)
Andrew Cochrane and John Fragomeni joined forces with R&R Partners to bring an ambitious immersive animation project called “Vegas: Alter Your Reality” (VAYR) to life. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) commissioned five world-renowned artists to express their visions of the city in each of their unique styles, to create a traveling art installation where the art is all experienced inside a VR headset. Adhemas Batista (Brazil), Beeple (U.S.), Fafi (France), INSA (U.K.), and Signalnoise (Canada) collaborated directly with a team of designers, animators, and technicians brought together and led by John and Andrew in a creative studio purpose-built to craft these five 360º experiences.
At the end of production, Andrew and John worked with R&R to develop a bespoke app to play these five experiences back on GearVR headsets for the world premiere in Miami during the annual Art Basel creative festival. The “Vegas: Alter Your Reality” activation involved a total takeover of the Zadok gallery in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, with each artist’s work viewed on VR headsets in a room customized to match the style and themes of their piece. The app created for this event allowed for maximum quality playback and a foolproof viewing experience by disabling the GearVR’s normal inputs and leaving control in the hands of the docents attending each room. Similar in scope to the GearVR app created for Comic Con 2015’s The Strain VR, this was a resounding success, flawlessly serving thousands of viewers across 50 headsets for 4 days
Additional "making of" Info:
Andy Cochrane
Director - Executive
Brad Nelson
Game Developer - Owner